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Tackle twill is a long-lasting design option for clothing and other apparel. It has a high variety of pattern and customization options.  Also often called applique, it is similar to a patch that is applied to a garment and then sewn to the material, giving the item a more secure but rugged looking finish.  Popular in Greek and sports wear, applique is great for jerseys, fan wear, and other team gear such as varsity jackets.  It is a great way to create a three dimensional work of art on your garment.  Have questions about applique, or ready to place an order?  


How to Get Started on Twill Orders

Ready to place a twill applique order?  Getting started is easy!  There are a few things we need to know to be able to begin working on your custom creation.  Contact us today with details like the quantity of your order, when you need your order by, as well as any images or examples you'd like us to see.  We'll reach back out with any additional details we need, and be ready to begin working on your custom order from FreeThink!

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